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    Things to Know Before Taking Adderall

    Amara Hadid

    You can not take Adderall if you have... (more)
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    Treatment of ADHD

    Amara Hadid

    The combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine is known as Adderall. It is an effective treatment for attention deficit... (more)
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    How to connect Ruby on Rails app to SIEM systems like QRadar, ArcSight or Splunk?

    I am working on a security application where I want to trigger events to SIEM applications like QRadar(LEEF format), <a href="https://hkrtrainings.com/arcsight-training">Arcsight</a> (CE... (more)

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    Looker: Run queries only when the dashboard window in visible

    We have a looker dashboard that reloads all of the tiles automatically every 5 mins. But this tends to be left open in the background and triggers a lot of queries which runs without... (more)

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    Obtaining Student Loans to Pay for School

    Doris Hall

    Obtaining student loans for school is an arduous task that requires some serious thought. Weighing your options, practicing due diligence and speaking with a financial aid officer are... (more)
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    5 Courses All Business Majors Should Take

    Karla Davisio

    Declaring a major is a big turning point in your educational career, and deciding to pursue a degree in business can be both exciting and financially rewarding. No longer a student takin... (more)
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    How to care for a massage chair?

    Mila Eryomina

    Each instruction has a detailed description. But actually it’s easy to take care of any chair: wipe it with a soft cloth with a non-abrasive neutral detergent, protect it from...(more)
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